Helping Save Our Beloved Planet 💚

This freshly designed line of products includes all the mobile phone accessories you will need to stay mobile while helping save our beloved planet.

BIOnd is made using recycled and natural biodegradable materials and all BIOnd packing is 100% made of recycled paper and zero plastic. even the ink printed on packages is made out of soybeans. BIOnd products stand out from the crowd with spectacular packaging and uncompromised quality values, combined with a self-sustaining and eco-friendly element.


Compatible With the Most

Strict EU Regulations


Reduced waste

from recycled plastic


Zero waste packing


Our Materials

Recycled Plastic

We are passionate about plastic recycling and changing the wider perception that plastic is waste. To us it’s anything but ‘waste’.

Wheat Straw

Wheat straw is what’s leftover once the wheat is harvested. The “Wheat plastic” is created by breaking down the cellulose the wheat straw contains.

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Interest in eco-friendly products & packaging is growing, and the success of any Eco-Product line relies mainly on a strong distribution network to bring the news to the market. At this time, we are seeking additional distribution partners in most markets.

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